Nat.Conf Earthq &Risk Management March 5-6 2018 Tehran Iran

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Nat.Conf Earthq &Risk Management March 5-6 2018 Tehran Iran

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About conference
The indigenous knowledge which is the result of datum and experience collection of local folks and societies in successive generations is a valuable body that should be considered for getting to sustainable development.
Recently the perpetual cooperation of indigenous knowledge and modern academic knowledge has been considered by researchers,managers and plan makers of countries,for comprehensive advancement of human beings,as well as food supply,welfare and security.
-Sincerely yours,
Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Yaghoobi
Conference chairman

Conference Topic
- Indigenous Knowledge and sustainable use of nature
- Indigenous Knowledge and biodiversity conservation
- Indigenous Knowledge; religions,sects and biodiversity conservation
- Converging of Indigenous Knowledge and modern sciences for conservation of biodiversity

Registration Fees
Registration Fees for Foreign Nations

Before Oct, 30th
Student participants: 250 US $
Non-student participants: 300 US $

Late Registration
Student participants: 350 US $
Non-student participants: 400 US $

Registration Fees for Iranian Nations

Before Oct, 30th
Student participants: 800,000 IRR
Non-student participants: 1,200,000 IRR

Late Registration
Student participants: 1,000,000 IRR
Non-student participants: 1,500,000 IRR

Calendar Conf
Conference Start date : 2018-03-05 08:00:00
Conference deadline date : 2018-03-06
Registration deadline :2018-03-05
Abstracts Deadline : 2018-01-21
Submission articles : 2018-01-30
Articles judging results announced : 2017-02-
Paper Template
Please provide an abstract in the format of Introduction/Goal of study,Data and Methods,Results and Conclusions in the Microsoft Word (2003-2007)format. Abstracts must be limited in 2 A4 pages. Use the spell checking of your word processor to check the text of the abstract before submitting it.
Paper Template

Contact Us

Address : International Center for Science,High Technology and Environmental Sciences,Kerman,Iran

Telephone : +98 - 0342 - 6228011

Fax: +98 - 0342 - 6228011

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