MENA Oil&Gas Conference 18-19 September 2019 LONDON UK

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MENA Oil&Gas Conference 18-19 September 2019 LONDON UK

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The Gulf
MENA 2019 Oil & Gas Conference
(The 12th Middle East and North Africa Oil & Gas Conference)
18 & 19 September 2019,| London, UK.
Organised by
Target Exploration

☼ Why The Gulf?
The surge in offshore seismic acquisitions, seismic reprocessing, regional exploration studies and new discoveries in the Arabian Gulf, Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea since 2016 signals the onset of a new offshore exploration cycle in the Middle East Basin.
● Primary Objectives
The primary objectives of the conference are sharing research on analogous and diverse, source, reservoir and cap rocks and seismic records and interpretations of producing fields, dormant fields and new prospective anomalies of The Gulf’s offshore sectors, and introducing new exploration, production, development, rehabilitation and basins rejuvenation opportunities in the onshore and offshore sectors of the Middle East Basin.
☼ Critical Issues
The conference includes presentations on AI, ML, ERM and transparency of the oil industries of MENA countries in a changing global climate. The role of oil companies in planning, accelerating the cross-over to sustainable renewable energies of The Gulf and MENA is to be presented and discussed.
● Typical Sessions
18/9/2019. 9:20 am. Crossover Energies and Cross-borders Oil and Gas Fields Development.
19/9/2019. 9:20 am. Modelling New Fields and Mitigating Mature Oil and Gas Fields Challenges.
Conference Sessions

☼ Conference Courses
There is an escalating group registration discounts on advance E&P courses offered by expert Geo-scientists at the Imperial on the days after and after the conference, such as: Basin Modelling, Data Sciences, and Petroleum Geology and Typical Fields of Oman.
Conference Courses

● Registrations Discount
There is a time limit on early registration discounts in this unmissable opportunity to be updated with E&P activities, research and be linked with the staff of The Gulf and MENA oil producing companies.
Conference Registrations

☼ Target Conferences
This is the 12th MENA Oil & Gas Conference organised by Target Exploration Consultants Ltd. a UK Geo-sciences R&D Company No. 11605381. At 65 Kenton Court, London W14 8NW, UK. Tel: (+44) (0) 207 371 2240, E-mail: For information about our consulting services, reports, courses and conferences. visit:

Pre- and Post-MENA 2019 Oil & Gas Conference Courses

Acquisition, Processing & Interpretation of Gravity / Magnetic Data for Petroleum Exploration. (1 Day Course TarC-2)
17 Sep 2019
Petroleum Geology and Typical Fields of OMAN. (2 Days Course TarC-3)
16-17 Sep 2019
Petroleum Geology and Typical Fields of UAE. (2 Days Course TarC-7)

16-17 Sep 2019
Source-rock Kinetics: An Old Technique Reinvented, with Many New Applications. (1 Day Course TarC-8)
17 Sep 2019
Basin Modeling For Everyone: How a New Perspective will Change Your Life as a Geoscientist. (2 Days Course TarC-9)
20-21 Sep 2019
Introduction to Data Sciences, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Petroleum E & P. (2 Days Course TarC-16)
16-17 Sep 2019
Extended Abstracts: Up to 1,000 words (MS Word) with reference list and up to 10 figures.
Papers: Up to 3,000 words (MS Word) with reference list and 15 Figures.
Posters: Extended abstract or paper format with A4 printout of the A0 size poster panels to be displayed for one Conference day (MS PowerPoint).
Presentations: Twenty minutes plus 5 minutes questions time, in MS PowerPoint format.
Publications: Accepted papers, extended abstracts, posters and standby papers will be electronically published (Memory Stick) and included with the Conference document. • Deadline of E-mailing accepted Paper, Poster or PowerPoint Presentation: 19 June 2019. • E-mail your accepted Abstracts, Papers or Posters to: Dr. Muhammad W. Ibrahim. Email:, Tel: (+44) (0) 207 371 2240, Mob: (+965) 976 350 26
Why The Gulf is the theme of MENA 2019 Oil and Gas Conference?
The Gulf: Abstracts/Papers/Posters Submission Formats and Deadlines

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