GEOMOD 2020 June 28-July 02 The Netherlands

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GEOMOD 2020 June 28-July 02 The Netherlands

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GEOMOD 2020 June 28-July 02
Landgoed Zonheuvel The Netherlands

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the next edition of the GeoMod conference will take place in an inspiring location close to Utrecht, the Netherlands, from June 28 - July 02, 2020 (see flyer download below). This biennial conference focuses on modelling in the geosciences and provides the unique opportunity to discuss and present the latest ideas, methods and results of laboratory, analytical and numerical modelling of geological processes. To this end we are happy to present a strong and diverse line-up of 18 key note speakers within six modeling directions.

More conference information and future updates regarding registration details etc. will be made available through the conference website ( and the GeoMod mailing list. You can register for the mailing list in the black bar at the bottom of the website. For any further enquires you can contact the local organisers through
Please save the dates in your agenda and forward the this information to potentially interested colleagues.

Looking forward to welcoming you in the Netherlands,

The organising committee:

Ernst Willingshofer
Ylona van Dinther
Fred Beekman
Liviu Matenco

The organizing committee invites you to the 9th edition of GEOMOD, the bi-annual conference on analogue and numerical modelling in Geosciences! Save the date and follow GEOMOD 2020 through:
Scientific Comittee Keynote Speakers Fred Beekman Susanne Buiter Michele Cooke Ylona van Dinther Stephane Dominguez Olivier Galland Daniel Garcia Castellanos Taras Gerya Liviu Matenco Onno Oncken Wouter Schellart Stefan Schmalholz Ernst Willingshofer Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth (Aachen) Maarten Kleinhans (Utrecht) Todd Ehlers (Tübingen) Valentina Magni (CEED -Oslo) Richard Katz (Oxford) Frank Guldstrand (UiO) Pauline Souloumiac (Cergy-Pontoise) Marta Adamuszek (Polish Geol. Inst.) Tim Dooley ( Texas) Francesca Funiciello (Roma Tre) Jean-Phillipe Avouac (Caltech) Frederic Gueydan (Montpellier) Michael Kettermann (Vienna) Ludovic Räss (Stanford) Jacqueline Reber (Iowa State) Stephan Sobolev (GFZ) Joao Duarte (Lisbon) Laetitia Le Pourhiet (UPMC)
Topics: Advances in modelling and monitoring techniques; Magmatic systems: from plumes to dykes; Tectonics of faulting, folding and salt systems; Seismotectonics and Geohazards; Rheology and fluids; Geodynamics and plate tectonics
Venue: Landgoed Zonheuvel close to Utrecht:
Fred Beekman Ylona van Dinther Liviu Matenco Ernst Willingshofer
For the newsletter please register at: Timeline 2020 January 02-March 31: registration & abstract submission June 28: icebreaker June 29-July 01: GEOMOD

The format of the conference stimulates discussions and interactions among participants through invited key note lectures and vivid poster presentations
Venue: Landgoed Zonheuvel close to Utrecht:

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