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To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the International Association of Seismology
(the predecessor of IASPEI), a centennial publication called "International Handbook
of Earthquake and Engineering Seismology" is being edited by Paul Jennings,
Hiroo Kanamori, Carl Kisslinger, and myself. It is being published in 2 big volumes
with 3 CD-ROMs by the Academic Press (Volume 1 was published in Sept. 12, 2002). .
Please visit our Web site at:
or please click: for more details.

edited by
William H. K. Lee, Hiroo Kanamori, Paul C. Jennings, and Carl Kisslinger
with the following Associate Editors, Coordinators, and Advisors

Associate Editors:
Keiiti Aki, John G. Anderson, Roger D. Borcherdt, Vladimir Cermak,
Sheldon Cherry, Michael F. Diggles, John E. Ebel, Benjamin F.
Howell, Jr., Mizuho Ishida, John C. Lahr, Thorne Lay, Johannes
Schweitzer, Richard H. Sibson, J. Arthur Snoke, and Paul Spudich.

Yoichiro Fujii, Mariano Garcia-Fernandez, Ruth A. Harris,
Vitaly I. Khalturin, Shirley L. Lee, Setumi Miyamura, Tatyana G. Rautian,
Wilbur Rinehart, Michael J. Rymer, and Kaye M. Shedlock.

Editorial Advisory Committee:
Honorary Chairmen: George W. Housner and Frank Press

Members: Robin Adams, N. N. Ambraseys, Jesus Berrocal, Bruce A. Bolt,
Enzo Boschi, Juan S. Carmona, V. Cerveny, Yun-tai Chen, C. B. Crouse,
Bob Engdahl, Luis Esteva, Claude Froidevaux, Karl Fuchs, Domenico Giardini,
Slawomir Gibowicz, Harsh Gupta, Eystein Husebye, David D. Jackson,
Sudhir K. Jain, Raymond Jeanloz, Edgar Kausel, Brian Kennett, Andrzej Kijko,
Ota Kulhanek, Graeme McVerry, Saburoh Midorikawa, the late Tadao Minami,
Alexey Nikolaev, Basil Papazachos, Barbara Romanowicz, Francisco Sanchez-
Sesma, Kerry Sieh, Paul Silver, Shri K. Singh, Carl Stepp, Yi-Ben Tsai,
Seiya Uyeda, Hiroshi Wakita, Ray Willemann, John Wolf, Li-Li Xie, and
Mary Lou Zoback.



VOLUME 1. (now in production for publication in the summer, 2002)

Foreword (H. Berckhemer)
Preface (W. H. K. Lee, H. Kanamori, P. C. Jennings, and C. Kisslinger)
List of Authors and Contributors

PART I. History and Prefatory Essays
01. History of Seismology (D. C. Agnew)
02. Historical View of Earthquake Engineering (G. W. Housner)
03. The Jesuit Contribution to Seismology (A. Udias and W. Stauder)
04. International Seismology (R. D. Adams)
05. Synthesis of Earthquake Science Information and Its Public
Transfer: A history of the Southern California Earthquake Center
(K. Aki)
06. Continental Drift, Sea-floor Spreading, and Plate/Plume Tectonics
(S. Uyeda)
07. Earthquake Mechanisms and Plate Tectonics (S. Stein and E. Klosko)

PART II. Theoretical Seismology
08. Theoretical Seismology: An introduction (A. Udias).
09. Seismic Ray Theory and Finite Frequency Extensions (C. H. Chapman)
10. Normal Modes of the Earth and Planets (P. Lognonne and E. Clevede)
11. Inversion of Surface Waves: A review (B. Romanowicz)
12. Earthquake Dynamics (R. Madariaga and K. B. Olson)
13. Scattering and Attenuation of Seismic Waves in the Lithosphere
(H. Sato, M. Fehler, and R. S. Wu)
14. Earthquakes as a Complex System (D. L. Turcotte and B. D. Malamud)
15. Physics of Earthquakes (R. Teisseyre and E. Majewski)
16. Probabilistic Approach to Inverse Problems
(K. Mosegaard and A. Tarantola)

PART III. Observational Seismology
17. Challenges in Observational Seismology (W. H. K. Lee)
18. Seismometry (E. Wielandt)
19. Seismic Noise on Land and on the Seafloor (S. C. Webb)
20. U. S. Contribution to Digital Global Seismograph Networks
(C. R. Hutt, H. F. Bolton, and L. G. Holcomb)
21. The Structure and Interpretation of Seismograms (O. Kulhanek)
22. Analysis of Digital Earthquake Signals (F. Scherbaum)
23. Seismometer Arrays -- Their use in earthquake and test ban
seismology (A. Douglas)
24. Seismological Methods of Monitoring Compliance with the
Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty (P. G. Richards)
25. Volcano Seismology and Monitoring for Eruptions (S. R. McNutt)
26. Three-Dimensional Crustal P-Wave Imaging of Mauna Loa and
Kilauea Volcanoes, Hawaii (H. M. Benz, P. Okubo, and A. Villasenor)
27. Marine Seismology (K. Suyehiro and K. Mochizuki)
28. Tsunami (K. Satake)

PART IV. Earthquake Geology and Mechanics
29. Geology of the Crustal Earthquake Source (R. H. Sibson)
30. Paleoseismology (L. B. Grant)
31. Using Earthquakes for Continental Tectonic Geology (J. A. Jackson)
32. Rock Failure and Earthquakes (D. A. Lockner and N. M. Beeler)
33. State of Stress within the Earth (L. J. Ruff)
34. State of Stress in the Earth's Lithosphere
(M. D. Zoback and M. L. Zoback)
35. Strength and Energetics of Active Fault Zones
(J. N. Brune and W. Thatcher)
36. Implications of Crustal Strain during Conventional, Slow and
Silent Earthquakes (M. J. S. Johnston and A. T. Linde)
37. Estimating Earthquake Source Parameters from Geodetic Measurements
(K. L. Feigl)
38. Electromagnetic Fields Generated by Earthquakes (M. J. S. Johnston)
39. Earthquake-Related Hydrological and Geochemical Changes
(C. Y. King and G. Igarashi)
40. Case Histories of Triggered and Induced Seismicity
(A. McGarr, D. Simpson, and L. Seeber)

PART V. Seismicity of the Earth
41. Global Seismicity: 1900-1999 (E. R. Engdahl and A. Villasenor)
42. A List of Deadly Earthquakes in the World (1500-2000) (T. Utsu)
43. Statistical Features of Seismicity (T. Utsu)
44. Relationships between Earthquake Magnitude Scales (T. Utsu)
45. Historical Seismicity and Tectonics
(N. N. Ambraseys, J. A. Jackson, and C. P. Melville)
46. Earthquakes and Archaeology (A. Nur)
47. Historical Seismology: The long memory of the inhibited world
(E. Guidoboni)
48. Earthquake History: Some examples
48.1 California Earthquake of M =5.5: Their history and the areas
damaged (T. Toppozada and D. Branum)
48.2 The Historical Earthquakes of India (S. P. Satyabala)
48.3 Historical Earthquakes in Japan (T. Usami)
48.4 Historical Earthquakes of the British Isles (R. M. W. Musson)
49. Macroseismology (R. M. W. Musson and I. Cecic)
50. USGS Earthquake Moment Tensor Catalog (S. A. Sipkin)

PART VI. Earth's Structure
51. The Earth's Interior (T. Lay)
52. Probing the Earth's Interior with Seismic Tomography
(A. Curtis and R. Snieder)
53. Seismic Anisotropy (M. Cara)
54. Seismic Velocity Structure of the Continental Lithosphere from
Controlled Source Data (W. D. Mooney, C. Prodehl, and N. I. Pavlenkova)
55. Seismic Structure of the Oceanic Crust and Passive Continental Margins
(T. A. Minshull)
56. The Earth's Core (X. Song)

Attached CD-ROM #1

VOLUME 2. (now in final editing for publication in the winter, 2002)

PART VII. Strong-Motion Seismology
57. Strong-Motion Seismology (J. G. Anderson)
58. Strong-Motion Data Processing
(A. F. Shakal, M. J. Huang, and V. M. Graizer)
59. Estimation of Strong Seismic Ground Motions
(B. A. Bolt and N. A. Abrahamson)
60. Strong-Motion Attenuation Relations (K. W. Campbell)
61. Site Effects of Strong Ground Motions (H. Kawase)
62. Use of Engineering Seismology Tools in Ground Shaking Scenarios
(E. Faccioli and V. Pessina)
63. Kyoshin Net (K-NET), Japan (S. Kinoshita)
64. Strong-motion Instrumentation Programs in Taiwan
(T. C. Shin, Y. B. Tsai, Y. T. Yeh, C. C. Liu and Y. M. Wu)

PART VIII. Selected Topics in Earthquake Engineering
65. Seismic Hazards and Risk Assessment in Engineering Practice
(P. Somerville and Y. Moriwaki)
66. Advances in Seismology with Impact on Earthquake Engineering
(S. K. Singh, M. Ordaz, and J. F. Pacheco)
67. Dynamics of Earthquake Response (P. C. Jennings)
68. Seismic Design Provisions and Guidelines
(R. D. Borcherdt, R. O. Hamburger, and C. A. Kircher)
69. Finite Element Analysis in Earthquake Engineering (J. F. Hall)
70. Liquefaction Mechanisms and Induced Ground Failure (T. L. Youd)
71. Advances in Analysis of Soil Liquefaction during Earthquakes
(J-P Bardet)

PART IX. Earthquake Prediction and Hazards Mitigation
72. Earthquake Prediction: An overview (H. Kanamori)
73. Stress Triggers, Shadows, and Seismic Hazard (R. A. Harris)
74. The GSHAP Global Seismic Hazard Map (D. Giardini, G. Gruenthal,
K. Shedlock, and P. Zhang)
75. The Sociological Dimensions of Earthquake Mitigation, Preparedness,
Response and Recovery (P. W. O'Brien and D. S. Mileti)
76. The Seismic Alert System of Mexico City (J. M. Espinosa-Aranda)
77. The Rapid Earthquake Data Integration Project (L. Gee, D. Neuhauser,
D. Dreger, M. Pasyanos, R. Uhrhammer, and B. Romanowicz)
78. TriNet: Modern ground motion seismic network
(E. Hauksson, L. M. Jones, A. F. Shakal)

PART X. National and International Reports to IASPEI
79. Centennial National and Institutional Reports: Seismology
(edited by C. Kisslinger)
79.1 Algeria
79.2 Argentina
79.3 Armenia
79.4 Australia
79.5 Austria
79.6 Azerbajan
79.7 Bolivia
79.8 Brazil
79.9 Bulgaria
79.10 Canada
79.11 Chile
79.12 China(Beijing)
79.13 China(Taipei)
79.14 Colombia
79.15 Croatia
79.16 Czech Republic
79.17 Denmark
79.18 ElSalvador
79.19 Ethiopia
79.20 France
79.21 Georgia
79.22 Germany
79.23 Greece
79.24 Hungary
79.25 Iceland
79.26 India
79.27 Indonesia
79.28 Iran
79.29 Italy
79.30 Japan
79.31 Kazakhstan
79.32 Kyrgyz
79.33 Luxembourg
79.34 Macedonia
79.35 Mexico
79.36 Moldova
79.37 Morocco
79.38 Netherlands
79.39 NewZealand
79.40 Norway
79.41 Philippines
79.42 Poland
79.43 Portugal
79.44 Romania
79.45 Russia
79.46 Slovak
79.47 Slovenia
79.48 SouthAfrica
79.49 Spain
79.50 Sweden
79.51 Switzerland
79.52 Tadjikistan
79.53 Turkey
79.54 United Kingdom
79.55 United States of America
79.56 Uzbekistan
79.57 Vietnam
79.58 Yugoslavia

80. Centennial National and Institutional Reports: Earthquake Engineering
(edited by S. Cherry)
80.1 Bulgaria
80.2 Canada
80.3 Chile
80.4 China(Beijing)
80.5 Croatia
80.6 India
80.7 Japan
80.8 Macedonia
80.9 NewZealand
80.10 Norway
80.11 Russia
80.12 Slovenia
80.13 United States of America

81. International Organization Reports to IASPEI
(edited by C. Kisslinger)
81.1 International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics
81.2 International Association for Earthquake Engineering
81.3 International Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth's
81.4 International Heat Flow Commission
81.5 IASPEI Committee on Education
81.6 International Seismological Centre

PART XI. General Information and Miscellaneous Data
82. Statistical Principles for Seismologists
(D. Vere-Jones and Y. Ogata)
83. Seismic Velocities and Densities of Rocks
(N. I. Christensen and D. Stanley)
84. Worldwide Nuclear Explosions
(X. Yang, R. North, C. Romney, and P. G. Richards)
85. Seismological Software
(edited by J. A. Snoke and M. Garcia-Fernandez)
85.1 Earthquake Seismology Software: Overview
( J. A. Snoke and M. Garcia-Fernandez)
85.2 The IASPEI Software Library (W. H. K. Lee)
85.3 The IASPEI PC Shareware Library (M. Garcia-Fernandez)
85.4 ORFEUS Seismological Software Library
(T. van Eck, B. Dost, and M. Baer)
85.5 SAC2000: Signal Processing and Analysis Tools for Seismologists
and Engineers (P. Goldstein, D. Dodge, and M. Firpo)
85.6 SEISAN Earthquake Analysis Software and SEISNET Network
Automation Software (J. Havskov and L. Ottemoeller)
85.7 The HYPOELLIPSE Earthquake Location Program (J. C. Lahr and
J. A. Snoke)
85.8 The HYPOINVESE2000 Earthquake Location Program (F. W. Klein)
85.9 Software for Joint Hypocenter Determination Using Local
Events (J. Pujol)
85.10 Synthetic Seismogram Calculation Using the Reflectivity
Method (B. L. N. Kennett)
85.11 TDMT_INV: Time Domain Seismic Moment Tensor Inversion
(D. Dreger)
85.12 FOCMEC: FOcal MEChanism Determinations (J. A. Snoke)
85.13 SMSIM: Stochastic Method SIMulation of Ground Motion from
Earthquakes (D. M. Boore)
85.14 Software for Calculating Earthquake Ground Motions from Finite
Faults in Vertically Varying Media (P. Spudich and L. Xu)
85.15 Nonlinear Inversion by Direct Search Using the neighbourhood
Algorithm (M. Sambridge)
85.16 Higher Order Perturbation Theory: 3D Synthetic Seismogram
Package (E. Clevede and P. Lognonne)
85.17 The HYPO71 Earthquake Location Program
(W. H. K. Lee, J. C. Lahr, and C. Valdes)
85.18 Software for Seismometer Calibration and Signal Analysis
(E. Wielandt)
86. The FDSN and IRIS Data Management System: Providing easy access to
terabytes of information (T. K. Ahern)
87. Global Inventory of Seismographic Networks
(edited by J. C. Lahr and T. van Eck)
88. Old Seismic Bulletins: A collective heritage from early seismologists
(J. Schweitzer and W. H. K. Lee)
89. Biography of Scientists and Engineers in Seismology and Physics
of the Earth's Interior (edited by B. F. Howell, Jr.)
90. Digital Imagery of Faults and Volcanoes (compiled by M. J. Rymer
and D. E. Wieprecht)

Appendix 1. A User Guide to the IASPEI Handbook CD-ROM
(M. F. Diggles and W. H. K. Lee)

Appendix 2. Index of Biographical Sketches of Scientists and Engineers
in Seismology and Physics of the Earth's Interior
(edited by W. H. K. Lee)

Appendix 3. Technical Glossary of Earthquake and Engineering Seismology
(edited by K. Aki)

Subject Index
Author Index

Attached CD-ROM #2
Attached CD-ROM #3

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