IRAQ IRAN Border Eartthquake M:7.6 Nov 12 2017

IRAQ IRAN Border Eartthquake M:7.6 Nov 12 2017

Postby salsinawi » Sun Nov 12, 2017 4:27 pm ... earthquake

: A need for a preliminary field investigation by an Iraqi team of experts to visit the affected region by the recent Halabja earthquake

Dear Colleagues

Assalamu Alaikum

It is necessary that a team of experts well familiar with Iraq’s geology ,tectonics and seismicity to visit the affected area in Iraq and write a report to be
submitted to the Iraqi government about the necessary steps to be taken on the immediate short range and long range basis. In addition to the scientific initiative that should be taken by Iraqi scientists .
The experts team would spend not less than a week in the region complimented by the necessary personnel , instrumentation and security.
This task must be taken professionally by the concerned parties in Iraq ,namely the Ministries of Irrigation; Science and Higher Education and Scientific research .

Respectfully ,

Dr. Sahil A. Alsinawi
Professor of Seismology

Please address your comments to :

استاذي العزيز الاستاذ الدكتور سهل السنوي المحترم

اطلعت على رسالتك وكنا بصدد الاعداد للندوة الثالة عن الزلازل في القسم .....علما ان القسم اعد ندوتين سابقا مع كل حدث زلزالي كبير .....وبعد استلام رسالتك يوم اتصلت مع رئيس القسم د سلام اسماعيل وطلبت منه تاجيل الندوة حاليا وترتيب موعد غدا مع عميد الكلية لتسهيل ايفاد مجموعة تضم عدد من الاساتذة اقترحتهم منهم ( الجيوفيزياء ) د.عماد الهيتي ود سلمان زين العابدين و د. نوال عبد الرضا وانا و احتمال د نجاح ايضا و(التكتونيك) د. مصطفى العبيدي ...و(الجيولوجيا الهندسية ) د. حامد حسن عبد الله ... واحاول ان انسق مع عدد من الاصدقاء الجيولوجيين في السليمانية لمساعدتنا في المنطقة ...وقد اتصل مع وحدة الرصد في بغداد لارسال ممثل عنهم ونلتقي بالاخوان في مراصد السليمانية ...نحاول غدا ان شاء الله ترتيب شيء ما ....وابدى جميع الاساتذة استعدادهم لتحمل نفقات النقل والسكن وجميع الامور على حسابهم الخاص ... ارجوا ان نوفق في ذلك ان شاء الله ... تحياتي لكم استاذنا العزيز وامنياتي لكم بالصحة والسلامة ان شاء الله ...... طالبكم ....ا.د. احمد شهاب البناء .


7.6 Earthqquake
18:18:13 UTC
34.64 N
45.96 E Depth 10 km
201 km NE of Baghdad
89 km S of Sulaimaniyah ... t-23-2017/

Update 20:11 UTC: Main earth movement based on the current focal mechanism. Image courtesy Observatoire Geoscope
Do beach balls looks like Chinese or Latin to you, check this article "Understanding Beach Balls"
ave to report that the first 4 fatalities and 16 injured have been reported in the Province of Erbil, Iraq
Update 19:28 UTC: Professor Max Wyss, who specializes in theoretical prognoses of injuries and fatalities expects : 200 to 3000 injured people and 50 to 1000 fatalities.
Update 19:25 UTC: USGS has calculated that there will be a maximum "very strong" shaking but this was felt by more than a half million people!

Update 19:17 UTC: the area has many villages and we fear that many people will be injured
Update 19:16 UTC: Based on the present earthquake parameters (Magnitude, Depth, Population, etc) and our experience with earthquake damage impact, calls this earthquake extremely dangerous and expects injuries and serious damage
Derbendîxan, Iraq, 22.4 km (13.9 mi) SSEPopulation: 0
Ḩalabjah, Iraq, 32.6 km (20.2 mi) SSWPopulation: 57,333
Sarpol-e Z̄ahāb

PRESS NEWS: ... t-23-2017/
Strong earthquake hits Iraq and Iran, killing at least 145
(L) Many Baghdad residents came out to the streets when the quake struck. Image Courtesy: BBC; (Top-right): Map — obtained from Google — shows the impacted region; (Bottom-right) Material damages captured by Osamah Golpy (@OsamaGolpy)

BAGHDAD/ANKARA: A magnitude 7.3 earthquake hit the region around the border between Iran and Iraq on Sunday, killing at least 145 people state media in the two countries said, as rescuers searched for dozens trapped under rubble.
At least 141 people were killed in Iran, Behnam Saeedi, a spokesperson for Iran’s National Disaster Management Organization, said on the state television. More than 850 were injured, he said.
The earthquake was felt in several provinces of Iran but the hardest hit province was Kermanshah, which announced three days of mourning.
More than 97 of the victims were in the town of Sarpol-e Zahab in Kermanshah, about 15 km (10 miles) from the Iraq border. The main hospital of the town was severely damaged and struggling to treat hundreds of injured people, state television reported.

Kurdish health officials also said at least four people were killed in Iraq and at least 50 injured.
The US Geological Survey said the quake measured magnitude 7.3. An Iraqi meteorology official put its magnitude at 6.5 with the epicentre in Penjwin in Sulaimaniyah province in the Kurdistan region close to the main border crossing with Iran.
Electricity was cut off in several Iranian and Iraqi cities, and fears of aftershocks sent thousands of people in both countries out onto the streets and parks in cold weather.
“The night has made it difficult for helicopters to fly to the affected areas and some roads are also cut off... we are worried about remote villages,” Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli said in an interview on state television.
Many houses in rural parts of the province are made of mud bricks and are known to crumble easily in quake-prone Iran.
The Iranian armed forces have been deployed to help emergency services.
A quake registering a magnitude between 7 and 7.9 can inflict widespread and heavy damage.
Iran sits astride major fault lines and is prone to frequent tremors. A magnitude 6.6 quake on Dec. 26, devastated the historic city of Bam, 1,000 km (600 miles) southeast of Tehran, killing about 31,000 people.
Hospital severely damaged
On the Iraqi side, the most extensive damage was in the town of Darbandikhan, 75 km (47 miles) east of the city of Sulaimaniyah in the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region.
More than 30 people were injured in the town, according to Kurdish Health Minister Rekawt Hama Rasheed.
“The situation there is very critical,” Rasheed told Reuters.
The district’s main hospital was severely damaged and had no power, Rasheed said, so the injured were taken to Sulaimaniyah for treatment. Houses and buildings had extensive structural damage, he said.
In Halabja, local officials said a 12-year-old boy died of an electric shock from a falling electric cable.
Many residents in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, rushed from their houses and tall buildings in panic.
“I was sitting with my kids having dinner and suddenly the building was just dancing in the air,” said Majida Ameer, who ran out of her building in the capital’s Salihiya district with her three children. “I thought at first that it was a huge bomb. But then I heard everyone around me screaming: ‘Earthquake!'”
Similar scenes unfolded in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region, and across other cities in northern Iraq, close to the quake’s epicenter.
Iraq’s meteorology center advised people to stay away from buildings and not to use elevators, in case of aftershocks.
Residents of Turkey’s southeastern city of Diyarbakir also reported feeling a strong tremor, but there were no immediate reports of damage or casualties in the city.
Turkish Red Crescent Chairperson Kerem Kinik told broadcaster NTV that Red Crescent teams in Erbil were preparing to go to the site of the earthquake, and that Turkey’s national disaster management agency, AFAD, and National Medical Rescue Teams (UMKE) were also preparing to head into Iraq. AFAD’s chairperson said the organisation was waiting for a reply to its offer for help.
In a tweet, Kinik said the Turkish Red Crescent was gathering 3,000 tents and heaters, 10,000 beds and blankets and moving them towards the Iraqi border.
“We are coordinating with Iranian and Iraqi Red Crescent groups. We are also getting prepared to make deliveries from our northern Iraq Erbil depot,” he said.
Israeli media said the quake was felt in many parts of Israel as well.

Kermanshah province
A 7.3-magnitude earthquake has rattled the northern border region between Iran and Iraq, killing at least 135 people and injuring hundreds more.
At least 129 people died in western Iran's Kermanshah province, officials told state media.
Six more were reported dead in Iraq. The death toll is likely to rise.
The earthquake sparked panic, with fears of aftershocks sending residents out into the streets.
Mosques in the Iraqi capital Baghdad have been broadcasting prayers through loudspeakers.
Most of the victims were in the town of Sarpol-e Zahab, about 15km (10 miles) from the border, Iran's emergency services chief, Pir Hossein Koolivand was quoted as saying on Iranian state television channel IRINN.
The town's main hospital was severely damaged, leaving it struggling to treat hundreds of wounded, state TV reported.
Image copyrightREUTERSImage captionA damaged storefront in Halabja, Iraq, near the epicentre of the quake
Damage was reported in at least eight villages, the head of Iran's Red Crescent Organisation, Morteza Salim, told the channel.
"Some other villages have suffered power cuts and their telecommunications system has also been disturbed," he said.
Rescue teams were being hampered by landslides, Mr Koolivand said.

On the Iraqi side, the most extensive damage was in the town of Darbandikhan, 75km (47 miles) east of the city of Sulaimaniyah in the Kurdistan Region.
"The situation there is very critical," Kurdish Health Minister Rekawt Hama Rasheed told Reuters news agency.
The quake hit 19 miles (30km) southwest of Halabja, near the northeastern border with Iran, the US Geological Survey (USGS) said.
The occurred at a depth of 33.9 km (21 miles), and tremors were felt in Turkey, Israel and Kuwait. Iran sits across major fault lines and is prone to frequent earthquakes.

powerful earthquake shook the Iran-Iraq border late Sunday, killing more than 140 people and injuring 860 in Iran alone, state media there said.
The Baghdad government did not immediately give word on damage or casualties in that country.

The 7.3-magnitude quake was centered 19 miles outside the eastern Iraqi city of Halabja, according to the most recent measurements from the U.S. Geological Survey.
Iranian social media and news agencies showed images and videos of people fleeing their homes into the night in the western Iranian province of Kermanshah.

The state-run IRNA news agency disclosed the increase in casualties early Monday and said rescue work was continuing overnight and would accelerate during the daytime.
The semi-official ILNA news agency said at least 14 provinces in Iran had been affected by the earthquake.
Officials announced that schools in Kermanshah and Ilam provinces would be closed Monday because of the tremor.
Iranian state TV also said Iraqi officials reported at least six people dead inside Iraq, along with more than 50 people injured in Sulaymaniyah province and about 150 in the city of Khanaquin.
Iran sits on many major fault lines and is prone to near-daily quakes. In 2003, a magnitude 6.6 earthquake flattened the historic city of Bam, killing 26,000 people.
Associated Press writer Jon Gambrell in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, contributed to this report.
7.2-Magnitude Earthquake Kills at Least 140 on Iraq-Iran Border
A powerful 7.2-magnitude earthquake along the Iraq-Iranian border on Sunday killed at least 140 people and injured hundreds more. Iran’s state-run IRNA news agency reported at least 860 people injured as of Monday morning. Rescue workers searched for survivors throughout the night and were continuing operations early Monday. The quake’s epicenter was located near the border town of Halabja in Iraq, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said, and the rumbles were felt in Baghdad, the Iraqi capital city.

7.5 magnitude earthquake jolts Iran-Iraq border area

12 November 2017
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iranian state TV says a 7.2-magnitude earthquake has jolted the region near the border between Iran and Iraq.
The U.S. Geological Survey confirmed the quake on its website, placing its epicenter at around 32km (19 miles) outside the Iraqi city of Halabja, and issuing an "orange" alert for "shaking-related fatalities and economic losses." There were no immediate reports of casualties.
Iranian provinces in the northwestern, western and central areas of the country were impacted.
Iranian social media was abuzz with area people evacuating their homes.
Some Iranian villages damaged by earthquake of 7
Sun, Nov. 12, 2017
Iraq - 12 November 2017: At least one person died and 50 were wounded after a major earthquake struck large parts of Iraq on Sunday, according to local officials.

Health officials said most of the wounded were in Darbandikhan, 75 kilometres (47 miles) east of the major city of Sulaimaniyah in the semi-autonomous Kurdistan region. The earthquake struck along the border with Iran.
Strong earthquake hits Iraq and Iran, killing more than 130 Raya Jalabi, Parisa Hafezi BAGHDAD/ANKARA (Reuters) - More than 120 people were killed in Iran and at least several others in Iraq on Sunday when a powerful magnitude 7.3 earthquake hit the region, state media in the two countries said, as rescuers stepped up efforts overnight to find dozens trapped under rubble. At least 129 people were killed in Iran’s Kermanshah province on the Iraqi border, the provincial deputy governor told state television.

.3 in Iraq
By: Reuters

Sun, Nov. 12, 2017

ANKARA - 12 November 2017: At least eight villages were damaged in Iran after an earthquake with magnitude of 7.3 struck Iraq on Sunday, Iran's state TV reported.

"The quake was felt in several Iranian provinces bordering Iraq ... Eight villages were damaged ... Electricity has been cut in some villages and rescue teams have been dispatched to those areas," TV reported.

Water and electricity lines were severed in some villages and cities in the Western Kermanshah province and communities stayed out on the streets because of the threat from aftershocks, a local Red Crescent official told TV. "So far no casualties have been reported," the official said. Many houses in rural parts of the province are made of mud bricks, which have been known to crumble easily in quake-prone Iran. (
At least one person dead, 50 wounded after earthquake in Iraq
By: Reuters



كاميرا مراقبة تلتقط اللحظة التي ضرب فيها زلزال سد دربندخان قرب الحدود العراقية-الإيرانية

الأخبار دولي
مئات القتلى وإيران تعلن الحداد على ضحايا الزلزال
قبل 29 دقيقة استمع حجم الخط طباعة
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ارتفع عدد ضحايا الزلزال الذي ضرب شمال غربي إيران إلى 407 قتيلا و7500جريح، و وقال مراسل الجزيرة إن السلطات الإيرانية أعلنت يوم غد الثلاثاء يوم حداد عام على ضحايا الزلزال الذي وصل مداه إلى دول الجوار.

وقال مدير مكتب الجزيرة عبد القادر فايز إن الحصيلة مرشحة للارتفاع، بعدما جندت السلطات الإيرانية كل إمكاناتها للوصول للمناطق المتضررة، وفك الحصار صباح اليوم عن ثماني قرى وبلدت تضررت كثيرا من الزلزال لوجودها قرب الجبال، وذكر أن قوات الحرس الثوري والجيش وقوات التعبئة انخرطت في عمليات الإغاثة.

وأضاف أن الرئيس حسن روحاني سيزور صباح غد المناطق المتضررة من الزلزال للإشراف على عمليات الإغاثة وانتشال الضحايا، مشيرا إلى أن وزارة الداخلية الإيرانية تعتبر أن توفير السكن والماء الصالح للشرب والكهرباء لآلاف الإيرانيين الذين شردهم الزلزال من أكبر أولوياتها.

وسبق أن أعلن محافظ إقليم كرمانشاه الحداد العام في المحافظة القريبة من حدود العراق، بسبب خسائر الزلزال.
وقال مراسل الجزيرة في طهران نور الدين الدغير إن أكثر من 70% من القرى المحيطة بمركز الزلزال في كرمانشاه تعرضت لضرر كبير.
وأشار المراسل إلى أن الزلزال ألحق ضررا كبيرا في قطاع الاتصالات والكهرباء، وأدى إلى تلوث المياه، مؤكدا أن السلطات الإيرانية أعلنت الاستنفار العام في صفوف أجهزة الإنقاذ والجهات المعنية بتقديم العون للمنكوبين.
وشعر الناس بالزلزال في عدة أقاليم في إيران، لكن أكثر الأقاليم تضررا كان إقليم كرمانشاه الذي أعلن الحداد ثلاثة أيام.
وسقط أكثر من 142 من الضحايا في منطقة سرب الذهب في كرمانشاه على بعد نحو 15 كيلومترا من الحدود العراقية.
وقال رئيس خدمات الطوارئ الإيرانية بير حسين كوليفاند إن المستشفى الرئيسي في المنطقة تعرض لأضرار جسيمة ويواجه صعوبة في علاج مئات الجرحى.
أما رئيس الهلال الأحمر الإيراني فأكد أن أكثر من سبعين ألف شخص يحتاجون لأماكن لإيوائهم بصورة عاجلة.
بدوره قال وزير الداخلية الإيراني عبد الرضا رحماني فضلي إن بعض الطرق أغلقت وإن السلطات تشعر بالقلق بشأن ضحايا الزلزال في القرى النائية، وانتشرت القوات المسلحة الإيرانية لمساعدة أجهزة الطوارئ.

منطقة سرب الذهب بمحافظة كرمانشاه التي وقع فيها أكثر من 142 من الضحايا (رويترز)
دول الجوار
وعلى الجانب العراقي، نقل التلفزيون العراقي عن دائرة الرصد الزلزالي العراقية أن الهِزة الأرضية استمرت بين ثلاث وأربع دقائق.
ووقعت أشد الأضرار في بلدة دربندخان التي تقع على بعد 75 كيلومترا شرقي مدينة السليمانية في إقليم كردستان، وقال ريكوت حمه رشيد وزير الصحة بكردستان إن أكثر من ثلاثين شخصا أصيبوا في البلدة.
وقال مراسل الجزيرة إن ستة أشخاص على الأقل قتلوا وأصيب آخرون جنوب محافظة السليمانية بإقليم كردستان العراق نتيجة الزلزال.
وأضاف المراسل أمير فندي أن العديد من العائلات تركت منازلها بسبب فيضانات المياه التي نجمت عن الضرر الذي لحق بسد دربندخان.
وانقطعت الكهرباء في عدة مدن إيرانية وعراقية ودفع الخوف من توابع الزلزال آلاف الأشخاص في البلدين إلى البقاء في الشوارع والحدائق في البرد الشديد.
وكانت هيئة المسح الجيولوجي الأميركية قالت إن زلزالا بقوة 7.3 درجات ضرب أمس الأحد العراق، وكان مركزه مدينة حلبجة.
وفي الكويت، أكدت الشبكة الوطنية الكويتية لرصد الزلازل حدوث هزة أرضية خفيفة شعر بها معظم سكان البلاد، لكن وزارة الداخلية الكويتية أشارت إلى أنها لم تسفر عن أي أضرار.
وشعر السكان في جنوب شرق تركيا على الحدود الإيرانية العراقية بالزلزال، من دون ورود تقارير فورية عن تسجيل ضحايا أو أضرار كبيرة داخل الأراضي التركية، حيث أخلى السكان في مدينة دياربكر منازلهم قبل أن يعودوا إليها في وقت لاحق


وزير الموارد المائية يلمح لإمكانية انهيار سد دربندخان: يمكن السيطرة على الوضع بالحذر
الأحد 12 نوفمبر / تشرين الثاني 2017 - 22:31

(بغداد اليوم) بغداد - قال وزير الموارد المائية حسن الجنابي، ليل اليوم الاثنين، إنه في حال انهيار سد الموصل، فيمكن السيطرة على الوضع.

وبين الوزير عبر صفحته في فيسبوك، إن "كمية الخزين في سد دربندخان الذي يقع في اعالي نهر ديالى يبلغ حاليا حوالى 1.5 مليار متر مكعب (بحدود 55% من السعة التخزينية)".

وأضاف، أنه "على نفس النهر والى الاسفل من دربندخان يقع سد حمرين وفيه فراغ خزني يبلغ حوالي 1.6 مليار متر مكعب".

ولفت الى انه "اذا اخذ المواطنون حذرهم فان الموجة الفيضانية، ان حدثت في حال انهيار دربندخان ... يمكن استيعابها في سد حمرين".

الأنواء الجوية والرصد الزلزالي: الهزة كانت بقوة 6.5 على مقياس ريختر وضربت بغداد ومعظم مدن العراق
الأحد 12 نوفمبر / تشرين الثاني 2017 - 22:51

(بغداد اليوم) بغداد - أعلنت الهيئة العامة للأنواء الجوية والرصد الزلزالي العراقية، اليوم الأحد، أن الهزة الأرضية التي ضربت بغداد ومعظم مدن العراق، كانت بقوة 6.5 درجات على مقياس ريختر.

وشهدت بغداد، ومدن العراق، مساء اليوم، هزة أرضية شعر بها سكان العاصمة والمحافظات الأخرى، أدت الى وقوع أضرار طفيفة في عدد منه

حكومة كردستان تعلن مصرع واصابة مواطنين جراء الهزة الارضية
الأحد 12 نوفمبر / تشرين الثاني 2017 - 22:39

(بغداد اليوم) كردستان - أعلنت حكومة إقليم كردستان، اليوم الأحد، مقتل وإصابة عدد من المواطنين جراء الهزة الأرضية الأخيرة التي ضربت مدن العراق.

وطالب مجلس الوزراء الكردي في بيان له، الكوادر الطبية وموظفي الوزارات المعنية الالتحاق بدوامهم.

كما يخول المجلس، المحافظات بأي اجراء لمساعدة الجرحى والمتضررين.

ووجهت الحكومة، وزارة الصحة بالاستنفار للتعامل مع جميع الحالات المعنية بها.

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