Publications of Prof. Dr. Emad Abdulrahman Mohammed Salih Al-Heety

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Publications of Prof. Dr. Emad Abdulrahman Mohammed Salih Al-Heety

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Publications of Prof. Dr. Emad Abdulrahman Mohammed Salih Al-Heety

(1) Alsinawi, S. and Al-Heety E.A. (1987) Microseismicity of Ga'ara Area: An Example of Intraplate Seismicity, Proceedings of Regional Crustal Stability and Geological Hazards, December, 1987, pp: 7-11.

(2) Alsinawi , S.A. and Al-Heety, E.A.( 1989) Local Magnitude and Coda Duration for Small Events Recorded in Iraq, Proceedings of 5th Scientific Conference .,Vol.4,part 4,pp:39-51, 7-11 October ,1989,Baghdad,Iraq.

(3) Alsinawi,S, and Al-Heety, E.A.(1991) Crustal Structure Determination in Iraq from Long Period P-Wave Spectra , Symposium on the Geodynamic Development of the Arabian Lithosphere, 24-26 August, 1991 , Yarmouk University, Irbid Jordan (Abstract).

(4) Alsinawi, S.A., and Al-Heety, E.A.(1992) Crustal Structure Determination in Iraq Using Teleseismic Travel – Time Residuals and Converted Phase Methods, 29th International Geological congress , 21 August – 3Septemper, 1992, Kyoto, Japan (Abstract).

(5) Alsinawi , S.A. and Al-Heety, E.A.(1992) Crustal Thickness Determination in Iraq from Long Period P-Waves Spectra .Iraqi Geological Journal, Vol.25, No. 3, pp: 28-29.

(6) Al-Heety, E.A. (1995) Synthetic Seismograms for Crustal Models in Iraq. Iraqi Geological Journal, Vol.28, No.1, pp: 14-24.

(7) Al-Banna, A.S. and Al-Heety, E.A. (1996) Crustal Thickness Map of Iraq Deduced from Gravity Data. Iraqi Journal of Sciences, Vol.35, pp: 749-765.

(8) Alsinawi, S.A. and Al-Heety, E.A. (1997) Composite Focal Mechanism of Microearthquakes Patterns in North Central Iraq. Journal of Al-Anbar University ( Pure & Applied Sciences Series) Vol.1,No.1, pp: 102-112.

(9) Al-Heety, E.A.(1997) Fault Plane Solution of Harer Earthquake of 24 July 1991, North of Iraq. Journal of Al-Anbar University(Pure & Applied Sciences Series) Vol.1,No.1,pp;125-128.

(10) Al-Heety, E.A.(2002) Crustal Structure of the Northern Arabian Platform Inferred Using Spectral Ratio Method. Journal of Geodynamics, Vol.34,pp:63-75.

(11) Al-Heety, E.A.(2003) Crustal Thickness Map of the Arabian Plate. MESF Cyber Journal of Earth Science , vol.1,pp:1-10.

(12) Al-Heety, E.A. and Eshwehdi, A.(2004) Seismicity and Seismotectonic Maps of Libya .MESF Cyber Journal of Earth Science, Vol.2,pp:1-6.

(13) Al-Heety, E.A.(2006) An Earthquake Catalog for Stable Continental Regions of the Arabian Plate. Gulf Seismic Forum, Febraury, 19-22, 2006, Oman ( Abstract).

(14) Al-Heety, E.A.and Al-Abbasi,J.N.(2006) Estimating Maximum Magnitude Earthquake in the Red Sea Regions Using Extreme Value Statistics. Journal of Babylon University, Vol. 12,No.3, pp. 1099 - 1109 .

(15) Al-Heety , E.A. and Eshwehdi, A.(2006) Seismicity of Northwestern Region of Libya : An Example for the Continental Seismicity. Seismological Research Letter , Vol.77, Number 6 ,PP. 691-696.

(16) Al-Heety, E.A.(2007) Historical Seismicity of the Stable Continental Regions ( SCRs) in the Arabian Plate ( A Preliminary Study). Journal of Al-Anbar University for Pure Science, Vol.1 , No.1, pp. 44- 52.

(17) Al-Heety , E.A.(2007) Quantitative Seismicity Maps of the Arabian Plate. Journal of Al-Anbar University for Pure Science , Vol.1,No.2 ,Pp. 102-110.

(18) Al-Heety, E.A.(2010) Intraplate Earthquakes in Iraqi Western Desert. Journal of Kirkuk University ( Scientific Studies), Vol.5 , No.1,pp: 31-49.

(19) Al-Heety , E.A.(2011) Variation of b-Value in the Intraplate Regions. International Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences IJBAS-IJENS Vol: 11 No: 06, pp: 29 – 37.

(20) Al Dulaymi, A. S. Al-Heety, E.A. and Hussien, B. M. (2012) Geo-Electrical Investigation of Mullusi Aquifer, Rutba, Iraq. International Journal of Geosciences, 3, 549-564.

(21) Al-Heety, E.S.(2013) Seismicity and Seismotectonics of Libya : As an Example of Intraplate Environment, Arab J. of Geosci , 6, 193 - 204.

(22) Al-Heety, E.M.(2013) A Complete and Homogeneous Magnitude Earthquake Catalogue of Iraq. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, DOI 10.1007/s12517-013-1131-y..
(23) Al-Heety, E. A. (2017) Spatial Analysis of Earthquakes in Iraq Using Statistical and Data Mining Techniques. Iraqi Geological Journal 39-49, 1-15.

(24) Al-Heety, E.A., Al-Mufarji, M. A. and Al Esho, L.H. (2017) Qualitative Interpretation of Gravity and Aeromagnetic Data in West of Tikrit City and Surroundings, Iraq. International Journal of Geosciences 5,151-166.
(25) Al-Mufarji, M. A., Al-Heety, E.A. and Al Esho, L.H. (2018) Quantitative Interpretation of Gravity and Magnetic Anomalies in the Area between (34o-35o ; 42o-43o) West of Tikrit City, Iraq. Iraqi Journal of Science 59, 892-903.
(26) Al-Mufarji, M.A., Al-Heety, E. A. and Al-Jubory, S.K. (2018) Application of Magnetic Method in Shallow Investigation for Parts of (Tell Arab-Kumbet) Archaeological Site/Southern Kirkuk City. Kirkuk University Journal, Scientific Studies(KUJSS) 13, 188-208.
(27) Al-Heety, E. and Al Esho, L. (2019) Faulting style and b-value: A global perspective, In N. Sundararajan et al. (eds.), On Significant Applications of Geophysical Methods, Advances in Science, Technology& Innovation, https//:

(28) Al-Heety, E. (2020) New updated classification of shallow earthquakes based on faulting style. Iraqi Journal of Science 61, 103-111, DOI: 10.24996/ijs.2020.61.1.11
(29) Al-Heety, E. A. and Mohammad,O.J. (2021) The Reliance of the Earthquake b-Value on Depth and Focal Mechanism. Iraqi Geological Journal 54 (1D) : 1-10.

Prof. Dr. Emad Abdulrahman Mohammed Salih Al-Heety
Department of Applied Geology
College of Science
University of Anbar
Rammadi, Iraq

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