Geophysical Freeware of Interest to Geophysicists

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Geophysical Freeware of Interest to Geophysicists

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Geophysical Freeware of Interest to Geophysicists
E:\RESEARCH\GEOLOGIC RESEARCH\software packages.htm

There is an increasing number of freeware applications which may be of interest to the practicing geophysicist and many of these are available via the Internet. Please carefully read all printed material accompanying these applications. It is remarkable how many individuals are involved in sharing the results of their efforts!

Finite Element Resources on the Internet[This document describes and provides access to FE software via the Internet] Generic Mapping Tools

["GMT (Generic Mapping Tools) is a powerful data mapping tool package on UNIX systems."]

GNU Project
[GNU's Not UNIX -- Free Software Foundation at MIT]

LINUX Documentation
[Linux - a free UNIX-like operating system]

["NIH Image is a public domain image processing and analysis program for the Macintosh. It is being developed at the Research Services Branch (RSB) of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH)"]

Samizdat Press
["Samizdat Press is devoted to the free distribution of books, lecture notes and software. Our special focus is material of a pedagogical nature", Colordao School of Mines]

Seismic Monitoring System

Seismic Unix
[Center for Wave Phenomena]

["a software package for enhancing and manipulating marine seismic reflection and refraction data"]

Spread Sheets for Geophysial Modeling
[Brian Robinson, U. Lancaster]

Stanford Center for Reservoir Forecasting
[packages which allow integration of data of multiple scales]

2-D and 3-D Pseudo-Seismic Transforms of Wireline Logs: A Seismic Approach to Petrophysical Sequence Stratigraphy
[Kansas Geological Survey]

[The VolPack Volume Rendering Library]

[ MacVol is a Macintosh volume renderer based on VolPack, a Unix volume-rendering library]


Software Links

1. USGS - Earthquake hazard program - List and map of the last earthquakes on the Earth

2. Seismosurfing the Internet

3. Soft EARTH

4. Virtual EARTH

5. GIS Software

6. Engineering Software Center

7. Geophysical Freeware

8. Geophysics Resources

9. Miscellaneous shareware

Free Scientific Programs

The following programs/data are free to use for scientific purposes only and they are available for the NIEP colleagues.

1. SEISAN -analysis software version 6.0
support: CD-ROM - please contact Andrei Bala. or Mihaela Popa
- manual in postscript format.

2. ZMAP - seismicity software analysis version 4.0 (requires Matlab 5.0)
- support : CD-ROM - please contact Andrei Bala.
- manual in html format.

3. SEIS95 - software for seismological analysis.
- support: CD-ROM - please contact Mihaela Popa

4. PITSA 98 - Programmable Interactive Toolbox for Seismological Analysis
- support: floppy disks - please contact Mihaela Popa
- manual: hard copy in English language.

5. ISC 1964 - 1997 - International Seismological Centre - earthquake catalogue - support: 5 CD-ROM - please contact Mihaela Popa.

6. CONVSEIS 5.0 - software for seismic data transfer - authors dr. Lani Oncescu and dr. Mihaela Rizescu.
you can find this program on our server: /tmp/software - manual in *.doc format.
7. IRIS Data Management System 1.0 - 1997 - software from IRIS CONSORTIUM.
From October 6, 2000 NIEP is Foreign Affiliate Member in THE IRIS Consortium. Contact person from NIEP: dr. ANDREI BALA
- support: CD-ROM - Please contact Andrei Bala.

You can get the programs: SEISAN, ZMAP, CONVSEIS, PITSA, from our server (infp): /tmp/software/...

8. COORDCONV. - software for conversion of coordinates from geographic (deg,min,sec) to UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator - in meters) and back; The advantage is the UTM coordinates have rectangular axes, so you can compute the distance between 2 points just by remembering that guy....aaaaah...Pitagora ?!
The program is for WIN95-98 and was tested on our maps.

9. INVERSE - software for computing the distance between 2 points on the Earth with given geographic coordinates (deg,min,sec); program runs under DOS and is good for at the global scale.
FORWARD - software for computing the coordinates of the 2-nd point, having 1-st point coordinates+distance+angular value; program runs under DOS.

These programs are also free and you can get from our server (infp): /tmp/newsoft/coordconv /tmp/newsoft/calcdist

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