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Chairman Note
The newly established (AMSSA) represents unique and impressive Arabian association for non-profit and scientific society. The main residence of AMSSA is in NRIAG, Helwan, south Cairo. In addition, two places as branches of AMSSA occur in Tanta University and Kafr El Sheihk University on the Nile Delta of Egypt.
The AMSSA offers to our members and "To Whom It May Concern", the best standard information and knowledge, promotion about meteorites, and space sciences in the simplest form via highly qualified scientists and experts, empowered with state-of-the art technology. It offers also website for professionals and amateurs to contact each other, to provide a truly international atmosphere by using the figures who are capable of delivering the concise and intensive information effectively.
The AMSSA encourages the participation of individual members from a wide range of scientific backgrounds, those interested in any aspects of meteorites and space sciences research; and it is our great pleasure and honor to welcome you to be a member in this unique association. AMSSA is the perfect society to foster collaborations among distinguished societies all over the world with the main goal of transfer and share knowledge related to the meteorites and space sciences.
The AMSSA looks forward to welcoming you to be nominated. We are sure that you will get inspiring and enjoyable information in AMSSA with the intent of addressing the global hand-in-hand of serious research together.

Prof. Mohamed Tharwat Salah Heikal


The Arab Meteors and Space Sciences Association (AMSSA) is a new-born society, is well established on June 2014. It is non-profit society, promoting education and research in the meteorites and space sciences. The meteorites ; falls and/or finds on the Arab countries (in major) and non-Arab ones (in minor) will be focused and out sanded to discover more and more secrets of the history of the solar system.
The membership of AMSS is available to Egyptian and Arab people beside non-Arab ones. At present, it includes 100 scientists and amateurs from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco,Tunis and Algeria, who are interested in this field. Members are interesting in meteorites, space sciences, astrophysics, impacts and origin in solar system,

Make AMSSA a rich state-of-the-art popular and academic intellectual and technical environment to support young generation of investigators devoted to the study of meteorites and space sciences through a programmatic commitment to mentoring our junior members. Foster interdisciplinary basic and applied research studies including meteorites and space sciences.

Create a rich academic and popular environment for excellence in scientific research to train the young generation of scientists and empowered the discovery and contributions in meteorites-space sciences research in Arab-foreign countries.

Foundation Committee

I. Tanta University
1. Prof. MohamedTharwat Salah Heikal (Founder &President of AMSSA)
2. Prof. Ibrahim Abdel Wahab Salem (Vice-President of Tanta University for Post-graduate Studies and Research).
3. Prof. Mohamed Ahmed Daboon (Vice-President of Tanta University for Environmental Affairs and Society Service) .
4. Prof. Tarek Abdel Menem Ibrahim Fayed (Dean Faculty of Science)
5. Prof. Mohamed Atef Noweir ( Vice-Dean of Education and students Affairs, Faculty of Science)
6. Prof. Ahmed Mostafa El Shishtawy ( Coordinator of AMMSA),
7. Prof. Mohamed Labeeb Salem (Chairman of CECR).
8. Dr. Samir Zaky Kamh (Geology Dpartment ,Faculty of Science)
9. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Monsef (Geology Dpartmen
II. Cairo University
1- Prof. Mohamed Abdel Hamid EL-Sharkawi .(Geology Department -Faculty of Science ).
2. Prof. Ahmed Abdel Azeem Abdel Hady ( Astronomy Department, Faculty of Science).
3. Prof. Ahmed Neyazy El Barkooky (Geology Department, Faculty of Science).
4. Prof. Ezz El Din Khalaf (Geology Department, Faculty of Science).
III. Ain Shams University
1. Prof. Baher Abdel Hameed El Kalyouby (Geology Department, Faculty of Science).
2. Dr. Ashraf Roshdi Baghdady (Geology Department, Faculty of Science).
IV. Kafr El Sheikh University
1. Prof. Amr Mohamed Beltagy (Dean Faculty of Science)
2. Prof. El Metwally Mohamed Lebda (Head of Geology Department).
3. Dr. Aziz Mahmoud Ibrahim Abo Shama (Geology Department).
4. Dr. Magdy El Sayed Mahfoo
V. National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics (NRIAG)
1. Prof. Hatem Ouda (President of NRIAG)
2. Prof. Moslem Shaltout (Prof. of Solar Physics)
3. Prof. Magdey Ahmed Attiya (Prof. of Geophysics)
4. Prof. Somiya Saad (Prof. of Astrophysics and Director of KCSCE)
5. 5.Dr. Gamal Faheem Attiya ( Associate Professor of Space Sciences)
6. Dr. Rasha Mohamed Fathi GhoneimVI. Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources &Egyptian Mineral Resources Authority(EMRA)
1. Geologist : Omar Teema ( Chairman of EMRA)
2. Dr. Mosad Hashem Abo El Ela (Geology Advisor )
3. Dr. Ali Barakat (Chairman of the Board El-Sokari Golden Mines -Egypt)
4. 4.Geologist: Hoda Ibrahim ElSayed Saleh ( Director of Information centre, EMRA)

Contact us

Prof. Mohamed Tharwat Salah Heikal, Chairman
Prof. Ahmed Mostafa El Shishtawy, Coordinator,
Prof. Magdy A. Attiya, Secretary General
website :

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