Handbook on Disaster Communications for Developing Countries

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Handbook on Disaster Communications for Developing Countries

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The following is provided by Hans Zimmerman, OCHA ( zimmermann@un.org )
regarding work on a second edition of the "Handbook on Disaster Communications
for Developing Countries", first edition published by the ITU in English, French
and Spanish in 2000.

"For the work on the revision we are looking for additional inputs, issues which might be missing in the first edition, updates on operational and technical developments and general comments. The first edition was published in hard copy
only, but I can make available the text of part one (regulatory and policy
issues) and part two (operational matters) available as MSWord files. Part 3 is only a technical annex, dealing mostly with issues like antenna installations and is not available electronically at this time.

It is intended, to also make the second edition available in hard copy and
electronic format to UN field offices and other appropriate entities, details
are presently being negotiated. As always in such initiatives, we also hope to find some additional support for the work by sponsors."

[See also
http://www.reliefweb.int/ocha_ol/index.html and
http://www.itu.int/home/ ]
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