Tethyan Evolution and Seismotectonics of Southwest Asia

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Tethyan Evolution and Seismotectonics of Southwest Asia

Post by salsinawi » Tue Mar 11, 2014 6:57 pm

Tethyan Evolution and Seismotectonics of Southwest Asia:
In Honor of the 40 year of Manuel Berberian's Research Contributions

From: Manuel Berberian, Ph.D., PG [mailto:manuel.berberian@gmail.com]
Sent: 11 آذار, 2014 04:27 م
To: Sahil AlSinawi
Subject: Re: The MESF Board and Associate members

al-akhi al-karim, Dr. Alsinawi
al-salam al-alaikom

It was nice to hear from you. I had not received any e-mail recently from MESF.
You might be aware that In October 2013, during the 125th anniversary annual meeting of the Geological Society of America at Denver, CO., a special session entitled: "Tethyan Evolution and Seismotectonics of Southwest Asian: In Honor of the 40 year of Manuel Berberian's Research Contributions" was held (see the attachment for the introductory slides prepared by the committee for the meeting).

Unfortunately no representative from Iraq attended this regional gathering possibly because of difficulties at home. Anyhow, the GSA is planning to publish a book on the meeting's theme including papers presented by different countries at the meeting. There is a chance for submitting contributions from the regional countries for this publication who were not able to attend. The GSA Tethyan Evolution book project is subject to approval by the organizing committee in near future. It will be great if the Iraqi scientists can contribute papers for publication in the book, including two separate Review papers on (i) structural-geological evolution of Iraq, and (ii) seismotectonics of Iraq. This will complete the regional coverage.

With all the best wishes and kindest results

Manuel Berberian

AKhi Al Karim Professor Berberian:
Assalamu Alaikum

Thank you so much for responding and informing us about that meeting about your valuable contributions ..
At this instance I will publish your importance message on our message board .
I just wanted to know the name of the authors to those two contributions on Iraq’s geologic evolution and seismotectonics.
As you may know that a new book on the Geology of Iraq was published in the Check republic in 2006 and was noted on our MESG Board as follows: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1258

Thank you very much for your kind response.
Wishing you the continuous contribution to Earth Science .


Dr. Sahil Alsinawi

Professor of Seismology
MESF Executive Director

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