77th EAGE Conference : Madrid, Spain 1 - 4 June 2015

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77th EAGE Conference : Madrid, Spain 1 - 4 June 2015

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77th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2015 Earth Science for Energy and Environment

1 - 4 June 2015
Madrid, Spain

http://www.eage.org/event/index.php?eve ... &evp=14867

Workshop description

Pressure changes in the reservoir, being caused either by sudden effects of hydraulic fracturing or by a long term pressure depletion, can result in broadly felt induced seismicity. The detailed relationship between pressure changes and felt seismicity is not always understood. Assessing the risk requires monitoring schemes with a diversity of technologies including the assessment of subsidence, fault mapping and - in general - the understanding of the causes of induced felt seismicity.
In response to the increased attention to this area and to the growing field experience that the industry has been accumulating, the EAGE has decided to include in the technical program of the 2015 annual meeting a workshop on production induced seismicity.
In this workshop, we want to bring together geophysicists, reservoir and geomechanical engineers and scientists, as well as earthquake seismologists to explore theories, diagnostic methods and prediction methodology in the field of production induced seismicity. We invite presentations on case studies, methods for monitoring reservoir (e.g. seismic, InSAR, 4D seismic, permanent monitoring), and linking these to geomechanical behavior, presentations on laboratory measurements, and presentations on theoretical developments, which may be of interest in this field.

Workshop objectives
The key objective of this workshop is to give those involved in industry and academia the opportunity to share and discuss recent advances in the study of induced seismicity. We are particularly keen to attract papers (oral or poster presentations) on studies preferably from Europe, Africa and Middle East. In particular induced seismicity caused by pressure depletion is of interest but we will address seismicity caused by injection as well.
Papers are invited and should address topics such as:
• Case studies of induced seismicity
• Strategies and techniques for effective monitoring of reservoir behaviour
• Risk management
• Development in understanding of earthquake dynamics and induced seismicity.
• Laboratory studies of relevant rock properties
The workshop is aimed to offer ample opportunity for discussions.
Workshop description

For the study of attenuation, broadband data offer better ground than conventional seismic situations. The pre-broadband situation was that generally insufficient frequency bandwidth resulted in strong ambiguity between frequency-dependent and frequency-independent attenuation, leading to ambiguous results via ad-hoc methods. The ambiguity being reduced opens the way for more accurate estimations.

The following subtopics will be discussed:
• Attenuation mechanisms and coupling between physics, mathematical description, and influence on seismic data. Focus on estimation from broadband data.
• High-fidelity attenuation compensation on broadband seismic data via inverse filtering or implicit in a seismic imaging algorithm.
• The contribution of attenuation attributes to reservoir characterization in an exploration or production context.

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