International Research Committee on Disasters Book Series

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International Research Committee on Disasters Book Series

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Announcing the Publication of the Second Book in
the International Research Committee on Disasters (RC 39)Book Series

Methods of Disaster Research
Edited by

Robert A. Stallings

Linda B. Bourque, David L. Butler, Nicole Dash, Ollie Davidson, Wolf R. Dombrowsky, Thomas E. Drabek, Habibul Haque Khondker, Lewis M. Killian, Marco Lombardi,
Loc H. Nguyen, Walter Gillis Peacock, Brenda D. Phillips, E. L. Quarantelli, T. Joseph Scanlon, Kimberley I. Shoaf, Kathleen J. Tierney, Anthony M. J. Yezer
Philadelphia, PA: Xlibris, 2002. 524 pp. Index. ISBN 1–4010–7971–7 (hardbound) $33.29 (U.S.). ISBN 1–4010–7970–9 (paperback) $22.94 (U.S.). Also available in e-format.
Web site:
Other Books in the Series[/b]

What Is a Disaster? Perspectives on the Question, edited by E. L. Quarantelli. London and New York: Routledge, 1998. 312 pp. + xiii. Index. ISBN 0–415–17899–1 (paperback) $33.95 (U.S.). Web site:
Women and Disasters, edited by Brenda D. Phillips and Betty Hearn Morrow (forthcoming, 2003)
Exploring the Cultural Dimensions of Disaster, edited by Gary R. Webb and E. L. Quarantelli (forthcoming, 2003)
What Is a Disaster? More Perspectives, edited by Ronald W. Perry and E. L. Quarantelli (forthcoming, 2004).

T. Joseph Scanlon
Carleton University, Emeritus
Series Editor
Robert Stallings (ed) 524 Pages Philadelphia: Xlibris Publisher. 2002.
1. Stallings. Methods of disaster research: unique or not?
2. Killian. Preface and update.
3. Killian. An introduction to methodological problems of field studies in disasters.
4. Quarantelli. The Disaster Research Center (DRC) field studies of organized behavior in disaster.
5. Drabek. Following some dreams: Recognizing opportunities, posing interesting questions, and implementing alternative methods.

6. Bourque, Shoaf & Nguyen. Survey research.
7. Phillips. Qualitative methods and disaster research.
8. Yezer. Data and other needs for future economic studies of disaster.
9. Peacock. Cross-national and comparative disaster research.
10. Lombardi. Media studies.
11. Scanlon. Rewriting a living legend: researching the 1917 Halifax explosion.

12. Dombrowsky. Methodological changes and challenges in disaster research: electronic media and the globalization of data collection.
13. Dash. The use of geographical information systems in disaster research.
14. Khondker. Problems and prospects of disaster research in the developing world: A case study of Bangladesh.
15. Tierney. The field turns fifty: Social change and the practice of disaster field work.

16. Davidson. Future international disaster research needs from a practitioner’s
17. Butler. Selected internet resources on natural hazards and disasters.
The book can be ordered by individual purchasers from Xlibris by
Phone (1-888-795-4274); Fax (1-215-923-4685); Email (; and by mail:
Xlibris 436 Walnut Street 11th floor Philadelphia PA 19106-3703 USA
Paperback $22.94. Hardback $33.29. eBook $8.00. Plus shipping costs:
In US by UPS $3.49+0.99 per book. International $7.00 + $5.95 per book
For the cost of the book to bookstores, libraries, etc. sebookstore/index.asp

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